[rescue] Trade?

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Tue May 6 02:25:25 CDT 2003

>    Because I have a stack of R10K machines and no R8K machines, and I
> *like* the R8K design, that's why.

LOL... Do you like the R8K design? *hits head against the wall* :)

Why dear lord why!!!!!!! It is one of the most unbalanced designs I have
ever seen. And I do CPU architecture for a living, actually is more of
a "for a dying" than living. The machine looks as if integers were an

I can picture the R8K design team the day before the first tape out:

Red Shirt Star Trek Guy (RSSTG) : "Sir, it seems we forgot the Int unit"
Kirk  : "What... no integer unit?"
RSSTG : "That is correct, it seems we just focused on Floating point, sir"
Kirk  : "But we must have an integer unit, damn... Without it we can not
         have pointers, we can not have jumps, branches we need branches,
         we need to calculate offsets, do bitshifts...."
Spock : "And logic operations, without logic operators on integers
         we will have a most irrational processor, a human processor!"
Kirk  : "We need to add an integer unit pronto!"
Scotty: "Captain, are you surrrrre you want to add an integerrrr unit now?
         I need more area, there are just not enough trrransistorrrrs!"
Kirk  : "Damn, just add an R4K integer pipe there somehow..."
Scotty: "But we have to add anotherrr package, we'll risk a matter-antimatter
WS    : "Who was in charge of the integer unit design?"
RSSTG : "I think his name was Kahn, he left for intel a while ago"
WS    : "Kaaaahhhhhnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!"
RSSTG : dies in a horrible acid spill inside the clean room

... starts running from computer as he expects the wrath of Dave.

damn I feel like a geek....

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