[rescue] AMD Athlon evaluation board CORONA EVT5 -- specs? details?

Robert Novak rnovak at indyramp.com
Mon May 5 16:55:44 CDT 2003

I got an AMD "Corona EVT5" evaluation/reference motherboard this weekend.
It's EVT5-003 (the 002 is marked out with blue ink), part 100051-018, with
an AMD 766 i/o controller(?) on it and a Socket 462 ZIF socket. 4 DDR
DIMM sockets, dual IDE, AGP, etc...

Google hasn't been very helpful this past day. I'm trying to figure out what
CPUs and memory it takes. i.e. will my XP 2000+ work in it? There is no on-
board documentation, and I haven't seen any useful info through Google for
it (except that someone did a cooler test with it). 

I'd love to replace my MK73LE-N (no AGP) with an AGP Athlon board, even if
I do have to trade some memory to get DDR RAM. There's a 64meg Geforce card
across the room just gathering entropy. :) Barring specs or useful info,
would anyone like this board? I'm open to trades, if someone has a
much older Athlon that's more likely to work on it. I don't want to buy
a slower CPU *and* more memory if that's what it's going to take.


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