[rescue] Re: looking for Intel P3 CPUs

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Mon May 5 05:03:31 CDT 2003

>I'm looking for some socket 370 Intel PIII CPUs.
>I'm looking for 600 or higher mhz with 256K full speed L2 cache
>I'd like to get two matching procs, but I'll take one for now
>and find a match later....
>I'd consider slower than 600 mhz, as long as it has the 256k full
>speed L2 cache.
>If your unsure of specs, e-mail me the stepping code (i.e. SL365)
>and I'll look up the specs.
>Also, let me know what your looking to get, or if there are any
>particular things your looking for in trade for it/them (PC stuff,
>Sun stuff, SGI stuff).
>  -- Curt

For any slighter older Intel CPUs, check out the EBay seller
"Marathontech". Use the EBay seller contact system if they aren't listing
exactly what you need on EBay. They're a specialist CPU remarketer and from
personal experience they're highly recommended.



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