[rescue] Goodies available in NH, some shippable.

laz at moaa.net laz at moaa.net
Sun May 4 19:39:21 CDT 2003

Ok folks, Time to empty the garage some more.
interesting trades considered, cash always accepted. :-)

have a few SGI Drive arrays, take SCA drives, have a Diff scsi
connection in back for the drive, and wide scsi for a 2nd area
in front for cd roms or tape drives.  The drives scsi chain goes
through a single-ended to diff bridge, that could prob be bypassed.
no carriers.

Cisco 3000 Token Ring router (x3)
DecConcentrator 500, Fddi concentrator.
SMC EliteSwitch  ?s/1ATX Fddi/10BaseT Brouter.
a few Sun 411 cases, some open in front, some not.
Sun 386i/250  w/keyboard-video cables (x2)
Sun SparcPrinter w/Sbus card, no cable
VME SMD controllers on SGI VME Frames

2 Dec Lanbridge 150's with Aui/st fibre ports.

not shippable:
Sun 3/280 in 7 ft rack, with 2 SMD Eagle drives and vertical 9 track tape drive,
   working when pulled from service.

Sun 4/690MP in 5 ft rack with 8 IPI drives.  8MM 8500 tape drive, CDROM.
wired for 208V.

Some of the top stuff will head for the dump if no interest recieved in
the next few days.. 


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