[rescue] I'm back :-)

geoffrey s. mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Sun May 4 04:32:23 CDT 2003

Hi Guys, I'm back.

I expect that none of you either missed me or noticed that I was gone. :-)

My tenure at Mobileye ended abruptly last week. I've now signed on from my home
user id. 

If any of you know of any leads for sysadmin jobs in Israel, please let
me know.

Thanks, Geoff.

To keep it slightly on topic, in what spare time I've had, I've been trying
to get an old A/UX system up and running. I've gotten less, bash 2.00, zsh,
and a current version of sudo to work on it, but have had not much luck with 
top or later versions of bash.

Just about all of the Gnu config scripts die with sed errors.

If anyone out there is running A/UX and would like to discuss it, feel free
to email me.

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com 972-54-608-069
Do sysadmins count networked sheep?

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