[rescue] TZ-877, The Saga Continues

Eric Webb ttlchaos at randomc.com
Sat May 3 18:19:51 CDT 2003

Stardate:  Month two.
Location: On my hands and knees praying for this POS to work.

So I got this TZ-877 a month or two ago.  By the grace of a fellow list 
member, I was able to obtain a DLT magazine for it.  Then, I discover that 
the TZ-87 drive might dead -- it is completely unhappy with life.  So, work 
with seller to get a replacement.  Even work it out (and pay a little more) 
for a Quantum DLT 4000 instead of another TZ-87.  That brings us up to the 
events of today, somewhere in month two of getting this TZ-877 online:

The drive is good.  I've written and read from it in standalone mode 
(pull out the "Loader" ribbon cable).  But when I power cycle the tape drive 
(with the ribbon back in), I get nothing from the loader.  The drive resets, 
beeps, and the loader sits there with most of its LEDs on.  No magazine scan.

Ok, so I plug the TZ-87 back in.  Loader initializes, scans, works.

Ok, plug the DLT 4000 back in.  Nothing again.

I thought these things were pin-compatible?  My DLT 4000 drive has a massive 
array of jumpers on the right-rear, and none of them are jumped.  Online docs 
so far have been useless.  There's a bank of six pins labelled "ALDR"... 
related to LoaDeR ??  There are a few jumpers on the Z-80-based loader 
controller board, but I have less clue of their meaning.

Anyone have hints to throw my way?  The drive is a DLT4000LS,SE,LOAD, and has 
a sticker that says "Rev B02, SCSI SE, LOADER Only".


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