[rescue] VAXStation 4000/90 Manuals

David de Gruyl david at bhaermandegruyl.org
Fri May 2 15:03:34 CDT 2003

* on [03-05-02 15:29] Dave McGuire wrote:
>On Friday, May 2, 2003, at 03:11 PM, David de Gruyl wrote:
>>Eek.  I hope that the server models are (I guess it is "were" now) 
> Were?  Did they discontinue Alphas when I wasn't looking? ;)
> http://h18003.www1.hp.com/alphaserver/

And here I thought that they were already discontinued.  Glad that I am 

> They're not competing with PCs, man.  High-end servers with dozens of 
> processors and tens of gigabytes of memory are a completely different 
> market that PCs will never enter while still being PCs.

No, the servers are definately not competing with PCs, the workstations 
are.  And are falling behind.  The benefit of multiple processors and 
tens of GB of memory are not seen in the workstation arena.

2-4 xeons will never be on the same plane of existence with 32 alpha 
processors.  But "Performance is just a question of money, how much do 
you want to spend"  and all that.  How much is hp's "commitment" to the 
real server market?


David de Gruyl <david at bhaermandegruyl.org>

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