[rescue] VAXStation 4000/90 Manuals

David de Gruyl david at bhaermandegruyl.org
Fri May 2 14:11:59 CDT 2003

* on [03-05-02 14:12] Dave McGuire wrote:
>On Friday, May 2, 2003, at 11:22 AM, David de Gruyl wrote:
>>I guess that this is similar to Sun's changes from sparcstation to 
>>ultra cases.
>   Huh?  Those crappy Ultra5 and Ultra10 machines maybe, but that's 
>about it.  I'm a big guy, and I can JUMP UP AND DOWN on an Ultra2 or an 
>Ultra30/60 case without so much as leaving a mark.

well, I was thinking of the major degradation in the ultra 5 and the 
minor changes to the 2.  I have had no interaction with the 30/60.  
These changes still do not bring the cases to the level of PC cases 
which are on the market today (especially gateway and dell cases).  

>>Are the alphas also built into plastic cases?  (specifically the 
>>alphastations in pizzabox configuration -- the AT style ones do not 
>>appeal to me at all).
>   Plastic with thin metal framework. :-(

Eek.  I hope that the server models are (I guess it is "were" now) 
better.  Although I have no particular affinity for the alpha platform 
as I have never worked with them, I really thought that DEC had the 
toughest cases I had ever seen.  I guess you have to save money 
somewhere when you are competing with PCs.


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