[rescue] E6000 followup

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Fri May 2 10:54:16 CDT 2003

Hello lads

For the last three months I've been running my E6000 out of its rack (it's
smaller and lighter than an E450 when you remove the rack). It has been
running quite happily in this configuration although it does gets upset
about the missing rack exhaust fan.

Now that I've got some more office space I am going to retrieve it from
under my desk and put it back into its rack. I'd quite like to use the
rack's power sequencer but connecting to the rack's power plug will be a
challenge. Using the RS catalogue I've been able to work out that the plug
is an industrial EPIC H-D Connector, but I have no idea what the plugs's
pinout is.

Does anyone here know the pinout of the rack's power plug, or better yet
does anyone have a cable in their spares box that they'd like to

Incidentally I did finally manage to find out what the difference is
between the E6000 and the E6500. The only difference is that the E6500 has
a 32x CDROM instead of the E6000's 12x, and the E6500 has a 68" rack
instead of the E6000's 56" rack. In other words it is only a marketing
upgrade (though the extra 12" in the rack is genuinely useful). While the
E6500 did ship with 100MHz capable carrier boards, the extra long backplane
is incapable of reliably running above 84MHz and both systems are locked at
this speed. If you ever get the chance to pick up a cheap E6000 I'd
recommend it. You can always pretend you have an E6500, because quite
frankly you will have :-)

Oh. I'm still looking for eight x2601a cpu/memory carrier boards so I can
go from 14-way to 30-way. I've found a place that has them for $90 each. If
anyone can beat that price I'd be mighty pleased.

Finally. I just bought thirty 333MHz/4MB processor modules as a low-cost
upgrade. This means I've now got thirty-one surplus 250MHz/4MB processors.
Please email me off-list if you need/want them. They'll work in any Exx00



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