[rescue] Compaq Raid - Came w/ an Alpha Server

Simeon Johnston simeonuj at indivisuallearning.com
Fri May 2 08:20:08 CDT 2003

A disk shelf is all we needed/wanted.
I'd love to use the alpha's for a file server, but we don't have the
space and we already have several file servers setup.
It's unfortunate that the Alpha's are just sitting there, but I think
we'll find something for them to do eventually.

Actually, we have another Alpha running that we had before we got the 2
racks of them.  It's been fairly solid, except for some funkyness w/ the
NIC and SCSI.  I don't blame Alpha for that though.  That's just some
funky Linux driver issue's.


> Nope it's just a disk shelf (hot swap capable).
> The "personality" device is simply how the backplane is
> converted into
> whatever variety of SCSI is required.
> It's just a disk box, so there's no setup required. Just plug
> it in, and go.
> If you've got the pedestal variety, you can tug off (with
> some force) the top
> and foot to get a rack-mountable one ... well sort of. It'll
> fit into an
> AS4000 and the like.

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