[rescue] VAXStation 4000/90 Manuals

David de Gruyl david at bhaermandegruyl.org
Fri May 2 06:09:52 CDT 2003

I was looking around on the internet (mainly decdocs.org and linked 
sites, as well as google) and I was unable to locate scanned manuals for 
the Vaxstation 4000/90.  If anyone has a link to such documents, I would 
appreciate it.

My problems revolve around a newly aquired machine which does not appear 
to be giving me console access over the MMJ port in the rear of the box.  
As I said, this is a newly aquired machine, and I have not really taken 
it apart yet, but the manuals would be helpful in any event.


David de Gruyl <david at bhaermandegruyl.org>

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