[rescue] Indigo2, Indy, stuff for sale

Joshua Newton limelight at speakeasy.net
Thu May 1 21:59:28 CDT 2003

...I've also got an IndyCam and some serial cables suitable for use with 
both machines.

Joshua Newton wrote:
> I've officially given up on getting this Indy and Indigo2 working 
> (software problems, not hardware), and I'm ready to get rid of them. 
> Here's the basic specs:
> 1 Indy with R4600SC (512KB L2 cache) @ 133MHz
> 1 Indigo2 with R4400SC (2MB L2 cache) @ 250MHz
> Between them, I've got two Indy drive cages, one Indigo2 CD-ROM drive 
> cage, and one Indigo2 hard drive cage, 416MB in 12 32MB SIMMs and 4 8MB 
> SIMMs, one external SCSI-2 CDROM/HDD case with 50pin Centronics 
> connectors, one 1GB, 50pin Seagate Hawk, one 4GB, 50pin Seagate 
> Barracuda (yes, one of the very first 7200rpm drives...), one 4GB, 50pin 
> IBM Ultrastar, two 9GB 7200rpm Western Digital drives in SCA, and two 
> rather nice SCA<->50pin adapters.
> Oh, also one Panasonic 8x SCSI-2 CD-ROM, and one Toshiba XM-5401B.
> Full disclosure: the Indy case is in pretty good condition. I cleaned 
> all the gunk out and off of it. The Indigo2 case is pretty banged up, 
> externally, but internally it's in good shape, and I cleaned it out.
> I've got various cables and terminators to go with, plus a nifty Pioneer 
> 4x6 CD-ROM loader that I'd probably be willing to part with for cheap. I 
> may have other stuff that I've forgotten about. If you're interested in 
> any of it, ask. If you have any questions about configuration that I 
> didn't answer here, ask. I'm willing to swap parts around.
> NOTE: I do not have the time to box these up and ship them. I'm looking 
> for people relatively local to Abingdon, MD. (That's close to either Bel 
> Air, Aberdeen, or Baltimore, depending on which MD cities you happen to 
> know about.) If you're willing to drive long distances to pick 'em up, 
> cool. If you really absolutely want me to ship 'em, I'm probably going 
> to ask more money than they're strictly worth.
> Please email me direct with offers. If you're interested, but you can't 
> buy right away, go ahead and let me know. If I don't have any offers or 
> at least expressions of interest in the near future, I'm going to junk 
> /all/ this hardware. I want it out of my sight.
> Absolutely final note (for real, this time): some of the memory, the WD 
> drives, and the SCA adapters are not actually in my possession yet. 
> They're in transit to my apartment.
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