[rescue] Indigo2, Indy, stuff for sale

Joshua Newton limelight at speakeasy.net
Thu May 1 21:55:02 CDT 2003

I've officially given up on getting this Indy and Indigo2 working 
(software problems, not hardware), and I'm ready to get rid of them. 
Here's the basic specs:

1 Indy with R4600SC (512KB L2 cache) @ 133MHz
1 Indigo2 with R4400SC (2MB L2 cache) @ 250MHz

Between them, I've got two Indy drive cages, one Indigo2 CD-ROM drive 
cage, and one Indigo2 hard drive cage, 416MB in 12 32MB SIMMs and 4 8MB 
SIMMs, one external SCSI-2 CDROM/HDD case with 50pin Centronics 
connectors, one 1GB, 50pin Seagate Hawk, one 4GB, 50pin Seagate 
Barracuda (yes, one of the very first 7200rpm drives...), one 4GB, 50pin 
IBM Ultrastar, two 9GB 7200rpm Western Digital drives in SCA, and two 
rather nice SCA<->50pin adapters.

Oh, also one Panasonic 8x SCSI-2 CD-ROM, and one Toshiba XM-5401B.

Full disclosure: the Indy case is in pretty good condition. I cleaned 
all the gunk out and off of it. The Indigo2 case is pretty banged up, 
externally, but internally it's in good shape, and I cleaned it out.

I've got various cables and terminators to go with, plus a nifty Pioneer 
4x6 CD-ROM loader that I'd probably be willing to part with for cheap. I 
may have other stuff that I've forgotten about. If you're interested in 
any of it, ask. If you have any questions about configuration that I 
didn't answer here, ask. I'm willing to swap parts around.

NOTE: I do not have the time to box these up and ship them. I'm looking 
for people relatively local to Abingdon, MD. (That's close to either Bel 
Air, Aberdeen, or Baltimore, depending on which MD cities you happen to 
know about.) If you're willing to drive long distances to pick 'em up, 
cool. If you really absolutely want me to ship 'em, I'm probably going 
to ask more money than they're strictly worth.

Please email me direct with offers. If you're interested, but you can't 
buy right away, go ahead and let me know. If I don't have any offers or 
at least expressions of interest in the near future, I'm going to junk 
/all/ this hardware. I want it out of my sight.

Absolutely final note (for real, this time): some of the memory, the WD 
drives, and the SCA adapters are not actually in my possession yet. 
They're in transit to my apartment.

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