[rescue] Compaq Raid - Came w/ an Alpha Server

Simeon Johnston simeonuj at indivisuallearning.com
Thu May 1 16:44:25 CDT 2003

We got a bunch of AlphaServers and this raid box.  At least I think it's
a raid box, maybe it's just a hot swap back plane thing.
Model # - BA356-SB.  I can't find anything worth a damn on Compaq's
websight.  I can't find anything worth a damn on Google either.
Basically, all I've found is that it can take 7 drives or 6 w/ a
redundant power supply.  The controller in the box may or may not be a
raid controller, but a "Personality" device (WTF is that?).
So, what I've found so far is that it's not raid unless you hook it up
to a raid card.  What exactly the Personality thing does is beyond me.
It looks freaking sweet except I can't find and f***'n information about
Ya, I'm kinda pissed.  COMPAQ's websight SUCKS!  So does HP's!

Can anyone give me/point me to specifics on what exactly this is, what
it can be used with and how the set it up?
What I'd LIKE to do with it is hook it up to our fileserver, which is
running dangerously low on space.  I'd love to setup the Alpha's and do
something with those, but I got nothing to use them for.  I'd sell/trade
them, but they'r Army surplus and we can't sell them, or at least can't
sell them yet.


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