[rescue] Re: problem, serial console RS6000

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Thu May 1 14:25:46 CDT 2003


Sorry to be replying to myself..

> When booting after installation is complete, I get a 'Console login:'
> prompt on the serial console, but can't log in, when I log in as 'root',
> the screen clears and I get a new login: prompt. When I log in as root
> and press ^C immediately, I get an error:
> 3004-034 TSM: All possible term settings tried unsuccessfully.

I thought I'd better get this on the mailing list archives. The problem
was the cable. Apparantly, the RS/6000 7012 relies on DSR/DTS. I did
enble that on the console, and tried several cables but apparantly, no
cable I tried had these wired. I have now used two null-modem connectors
in series and this works.

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