[rescue] Troubles with an SE card

Shawn Wallbridge shawn at synack-hosting.com
Mon Jun 30 14:42:09 CDT 2003

> Check the LED array on the front of the machine in the lower right
> corner.  There are 7 LEDs, like this[0]:
>    BaseIO  X
>      QA    X  X  PCI Expansion
>      QD    X  X  QB
>      QC    X  X  Heart
> The "BaseIO" and "Heart" LEDs should be lit, no matter what.  The "Q"
> LEDs are XIO presence-detect indicators.  When facing the rear of the
> machine, "A" is the upper-left slot, "B" is the upper-right, "C" is the
> lower-left, and "D" is the lower-right slot.
> If the LED corresponding to the card with the SE is not lit, the card
> isn't even alive enought to talk on the XIO bus, which probably
> indicates a munged compression connector or a cracked board.
> Also, make sure you have the SE card installed in slot "A".  That's
> where the Octane expects the primary graphics card to live.
> [0] Many thanks to Ben Drago at SGI and Ralf Beyer for an explanation
>     of the status indicators.
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Thanks! This is going into the "Very Useful info the I may need some day"


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