[rescue] Small RAID array setup

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Mon Jun 30 10:06:16 CDT 2003

This is probably a bit obvious... but...

The one thing to keep in mind about using hardware raid of any sort,
is keeping a spare controller....  as if your controller dies, it
stands directly between you and your data and no amount of RAID 0,
RAID 0+1, or RAID 1+0 will help.

I haven't redone my Solaris on Intel file server with hardware RAID
yet, but I am planning on it.... some time ago I bought two used
AMI Megaraid 1200 (I think that was the model) cards... one to use
and one for a spare.

Of course if you have copius amounts of tape storage to back up all
your data and don't mind rebuilding onto software raid, or simply
multiple disks... then having a spare may not be as important.

I don't have an easy way to back up my fileserver, thereby relying
on the "safety" of RAID 0 and RAID 5.

-- Curt

>From: "Sheldon T. Hall" <shel at cmhcsys.com>
> Robert Novak says ...
>> There are also some scsi raid "pods" that would connect effortlessly to
>> SCSI ports on the Classic [snip].
>> CMD controllers are also available in various forms. Search ebay for "cmd
>> raid" ... there's a CRD-5500 up there now that's currently at $10 with
>> 2d10h to go... 8 single-ended drive channels going to one wide
>> single-ended host channel. That's pretty cheap. It's hardware raid. And it
>> should work with the Classic's scsi ports (onboard or sbus) with
>> appropriate cabling.
>Thanks a ton ... that sort of external solution sounds good; I'll check it
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