[rescue] OT: IRIX 6.5 installation on a Indigo2 R10k Impact

Barry Fujii barry at engr.webpipeline.com
Mon Jun 30 00:08:23 CDT 2003

Yeah, same here, mine basically looked like needle nose pliers with a
cutting edge at the tip. I recall reading somewhere to remove pin '10' but
also recall it wasn9t easy to determine which pin that was and the count
> When I removed the pins from mine I used a pair of wire cutters that
> cut with the tip instead of the side.  These were a real small pair.
>> Btw, Eric, you can probably disregard the postcard UPS sent you. The
>> UPS driver couldn't distinguish that 'room' and 'suite' were practically
>> synonyms. Upon redelivery he decided that 110 and 119 look too similar and
>> dropped my machine off at 'lucky surf' down the corridor. The best part
>> when he dropped off about 30k worth of equipment to a *different* floor
>> was lost for nearly a week.
> They didn't send me a postcard, or at least they haven't yet.

Haha, no worries now. Hope all is well.

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