[rescue] Vinyl-wav-cd

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Sat Jun 28 20:03:40 CDT 2003

  Dave Venable comments:

> This baby has a finned heat sink about 20% the size of the case. All
> black, big chrome toggle switches, filters for different tone ranges,
> and different loudness boosts. I have it hooked to a pair of Klipsh La
> Scalas w/ 24" midrange horns,  These are the speakers that some of the
> albums were mastered on. Dark Side of the Moon is pure heaven.

   OT, and I know it, but *damn* -- I'm jealous.  Nice system.

> Thanks, I will get to Radio Shack

   Treat the I2 as a tape deck and you'll be right as rain.  Add a good
RDBMS as a backend to locate tunes, decent bandwidth to play 'em, and
you're in business.

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