[rescue] Ultra 2 Woes...

Kurt Mosiejczuk kurt at csh.rit.edu
Sat Jun 28 17:32:27 CDT 2003

So, I managed to score a 200Mhz module for my Ultra 2 for $10
(I lost the auction but the seller sold it to me as "second

So, I put the CPU module in, populated the 1st bank of memory
with 4 32M DIMMs and tried it out.  Nothing from the serial
port.  (Actually, first time I plugged into the parallel =) ).

I've got the CPU in the correct slot, but the most I ever get
from the serial port is a little garbage.  I tried plugging
in a type 5 keyboard and holding down Stop-N and I even tried
Stop-D.  No dice.

Now, I recall there are DIP switches that control bus speed...
would the machine act like this if it was set wrong for the
200Mhz module?

Oh, one other thing... the power indicator light does NOT
come on...


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