[rescue] vinyl - wav - cd

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Sat Jun 28 17:21:18 CDT 2003

>> I would think that turntable outputs --> I2 audio jacks would work
>> just fine, no?
>That's worked just fine for me,  Just make sure to set your levels

Then you must have a preamp/RIAA filter built into your turntable.  Very
uncommon on high-end equipment.  Further complications--a low-output MC
cartridge needs even more amplification, so much so that a relatively
standard receiver, integrated amp, or phono preamp won't work.  We're
talking very high-end now, so I'm sure the OP wouldn't have to ask if that
were the case.

>44.1kHz for CD, and 48kHz for DAT.  You want to avoid converting between
>the two.  If you want both media, record twice, as converting between
>those two bitrates produces shit sound.



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