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Don't know if any of you would be interested in this stuff or not.
She also has Wordperfect for NeXT.


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Along with the software, there were two boxed sets of NeXT "Developers
Library" system manuals, and a bunch of software manuals that seem to have
lost their software... The Dev Library stuff is in great shape, except for
the marks as noted below. The other books are in even better shape.

Price shown plus USPS Media Mail or UPS Ground (your choice) shipping from
99701 (Alaska)... or possible trade for Commodore Pet software on tape or
diskette with PET compatible drive. Email Me!

SYSTEM MANUALS: Softcover in box/slipcover - $15
(all of these books have a small black "X" inked at the top of the spine
and "AM" written across the top. Otherwise good shape - published 1990 &

   Box 1 includes:
     NeXT User's Reference
     NeXT User's Reference Manual (cracked spine)
     NeXT NeXTstep Reference Volume 1 (water mark on spine)
     NeXT NeXTstep Reference Volume 2 (cracked spine)

   Box 2 includes:
     NeXT Writing Loadable Kernel Servers
     NeXT Supplemental Documentation
     NeXT Technical Summaries
     NeXT Operating System Software
     NeXT Development Tools
     NeXT Applications
     NeXT Setup and Tutorials

SOFTWARE MANUALS in box WITHOUT software - $5

   OpenStep Release 4.2 Mach Developer (two sets available)
     same as above, but without CD-ROM

   OpenStep Release 4.2 Mach User - 1996
     Registration Card
     NeXTstep Users Guide
     Installing and Configuring OpenStep
     Quick Start
     Power Tips
     Release Notes
     Release Notes Addendum
     OpenStep Software License Agreement

   Diagram! (Lighthouse Design Ltd.) - 1990
   "A graphics tool for people who think and draw at the same time"
     Spiral bound manual
     Photocopied installation guide
     Photocopied "Addenda to the 1.0a Release"

INDIVIDUAL MANUALS (no box, no software) free with any paid item (or trade):

   NeXT WebObjects Developer's Guide - 1997 "What you need to know to
create robust, scalable database-driven web applications"    OpenStep &
WebObjects Enterprise Objects Framework Developer's Guide "The guide to
developing database applications with OPENSTEP & WebObjects"      (1 copy)
- 1996
     (3 copies) - 1997
     (1 copy/shrinkwrapped) - 1997?
   Installing and Configuring OpenStep Release 4.0 for Mach (2 copies) -
1996    Power Tips "A NeXTstep handbook you'll never outgrow!" (3 copies) -
1994    Quick Start "A fast track to the essentials of working with files,
folders and applications in the NeXTstep workspace" (1 copy) - 1994
OpenStep Release Notes Release 4.0 for Mach (1 copy) - 1996
   Discovering OpenStep: A Developers Tutorial (1 copy) - 1996

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