[rescue] DLT drives and libraries

James Braid jamesb at digipost.co.nz
Fri Jun 27 20:16:14 CDT 2003

> Well, physically most or all DLT drives are the same.  I
> think most if not all
> have the spindle to open the "handle" / latch mechanism.

Ah, that's good to know. Thanks.

> In my case, the only difference between standalone / library drive is
> firmware.  On my DLT4000 I just grabbed the right firmware
> from Quantum's
> page and loaded it in.  Presto change-o.
> But in your case, are the robotics controlled by the drive
> (the loader header
> is the same from DLT 2000 to 4000, but different on 7000) or
> does it have a
> separate SCSI interface?  If the robotics has its own SCSI
> interface, then
> you can probably get away with any drive (sheer guess).

I'm pretty sure the robotics are controlled by the drive (or vice versa) at
least partially. The loader header is being used - do standalone drives have
this connector on them?

Thanks for the replies.

Cheeers, James

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