[rescue] Re: right to die [was: Apple WWDC Summary]

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Fri Jun 27 10:44:39 CDT 2003

"From: "Jonathan C. Patschke" <jp at celestrion.net>
"[0] Entirely different rant.  If I want to commit suicide or just be
"    stupid, FUCKING LET ME so long as I'm not hurting anyone else.

yes, you [should] have the right to die.

but is it moral to do something risky/stupid and -almost- die, and end
up a vegetable and/or cripple supported at great public expense?
we're not allowed to let you die even if you want to, and certainly not
if you can't say so.

"    But, if I don't buckle up any kids in the car, yes, flog me.

and i don't understand why kids -must- be in the back seat, but small
adults are allowed to -drive-.  supposedly, it's because airbags
endanger small people, so why is -age- the rule...
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