[rescue] Re: G5 case

Rico Pajarola rp_sunrescue at servium.ch
Fri Jun 27 10:08:22 CDT 2003

dittman at dittman.net (Eric Dittman) wrote:
>For all the slagging *BSD fans do on Linux I
>think it is ironic that there is a Linux
>compatibility layer.  If Linux sucks so bad
>why do *BSD people want to run Linux binaries?

It's to avoid having to run Linux just because application
X has not been ported to FreeBSD...

Linux Kernel != Linux OS != Linux application

Don't get me wrong, I admin Linux for a living. It's doing a great
job there, I just prefer the BSD way of doing things. I run FreeBSD
on my Laptop, and use the emulation to run Java, VMware, OpenOffice,
Acroread... think of it as a trade-off. You loose 5% of pride, but
you get the job done ;)


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