[rescue] VMware / BSD

Rico Pajarola rp_sunrescue at servium.ch
Fri Jun 27 09:04:43 CDT 2003

I'm running VMware on FreeBSD for years now. Most problems where
VMware bugs that appeared on Linux, too. The Windows Version was
much better, but that's not what I intended. I run VMware to put
Windows where it belongs...  in a window.


Jonathan C. Patschke" <jp at celestrion.net> wrote:
>> Since the source code for VMware's kernel patch for Linux is published, I
>> had assumed that somebody would had ported it to *BSD by now. I've certainly
>> heard people claim they're running it just fine.
>They might be, now.  I last checked into this possibility about August
>or July of last year.

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