[rescue] Apple WWDC Summary

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Fri Jun 27 03:15:30 CDT 2003

Shirker <shirker at mooli.org.uk> wrote:
> IMO, "case modding" belongs to the x86 megahertz-monkeys, and they can
> keep it.

I must admit, I'm half expecting x86 boxes to sprout blue LEDs on the
windscreen wipers, underlights, and have a spoiler hanging off the back.

Not that I'm a stranger to waving a tin of paint at a PC to make it a less
boring colour, of course.

[About a discussion of heavily customised cars.]
I thought they were talking about cheap whores - smelly, ugly, brightly
coloured, waste of money, and got a cock inside them most of the time.
				-- Will Hargrave in uknot

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