[rescue] [topic change] Diablo

Bjorn Ramqvist v53278 at g.haggve.se
Fri Jun 27 01:36:47 CDT 2003

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Phil Stracchino wrote:
> Not that Diablo II doesn't have its faults.  I've repeatedly had things
> like, say specific socket weapons that I spent entire *levels* looking
> for just vanish out of my inventory before I could accumulate the items
> I wanted to embed into them.  And gems and runes just take up too damned
> much inventory space, and the mounted jewels are just stupid and mostly
> pointless...

I wasn't referring to the faults in DiabloII, but the features. I've
seen a lot of faults during network play (both Internet and LAN) and
with some patchlevels it was just unbareable. Things seem to have been
more and more corrected on that front though.
Speaking of the features, I ment the increased storage spaces. Jewels
(though very unnecessary, I admit), imbueing, etc. "rare" and "unique"
weapons and armory is definitly the things that keeps you going too.
Frankly, there's so much features that differs from the first game that
it would be a darn long list...

> You know a Diablo II item I'd like to see?  A pouch that takes up one
> space of inventory and can hold up to, say, 24 gems or runes, or a
> mixture of both, but NOTHING ELSE.  It's ridiculous that four gems small
> enough to socket into the hilt of a sword take as much inventory space
> as a full helm or a buckler.

I'd like a kind of "bank" or "storage wharehouse" where one could drop
things like armour and weapons you either find or get from people, but
which you can't use at the moment. I don't know *how* many times I've
given up *good* eq, just because the stash is filled to the maximum. Oh,
and all the stuff in the cube. Atleast two times I've mis-clicked on the
"transmutate" button and *WHOOP*, there went the stuff into some trashy
axe or something. Frustrating.
Oh, and it's not *easy* to transfer eq between different characters.


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