[rescue] Stupid Solaris Net Install Problem

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Thu Jun 26 22:14:13 CDT 2003

>From: Kurt Mosiejczuk <kurt at csh.rit.edu>
>On Tue, 24 Jun 2003, r.stricklin wrote:
>> > Kurt Mosiejczuk wrote:
>> > Maybe an LX+ is an LX with the 1M Vsimm so it can do
>> > higher resolution (+ usually means that with sun framebuffers).
>> > Maybe ZX was supposed to be an LX with a Leo board.
>> No, the ZX was a Japanese market model designation for one of those
>> Classic/LXish lunchbox models. I forget which, at the moment.
>Cool.  I was confused because the FEH didn't seem to differentiate
>between the LX and ZX and I'd never heard of it...

The ZX is an LX with a ZX framebuffer in it direct from Sun.

I don't even recall seeing one when I worked at Sun... well.. maybe
one.  They were probably hideously expensive... not to mention most
people who wanted to do 3D work would want something with more
computational horsepower than an LX (ahemm.. ZX) :-)

>> Dunno about the LX+.
>What good ARE you then? =)
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-- Curt

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