[rescue] Re: sun4c/sun4m support in l00nix and VSIMM for SS10SX same as for SS20?

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Thu Jun 26 21:25:28 CDT 2003

>On Thu, 26 Jun 2003, Sandwich Maker wrote:
>> which brings me to a sticky point:
>> <sick idea>
>> a 10sx with two 8M vsimms, an avb modified to -not- need an sbus slot,
>> and four tx4+ - a six-headed sparc!
>> </sick idea>
>You'd have to call it Tiamat, I think. ANd you just might need a bigger

According to the Sun framebuffer FAQ, something like this has been done in a SS20 system:

"What are the restrictions on multi-headed machines?

As far as software restrictions go, until OpenWindows V3.2 (Solaris 2.2) you were limited to a maximum of 4 heads by the xnews server. For 3.2 this limit was raised to 16, so now you are effectively limited by how many frame buffers the machine can physically support. This is particularly true in the case of the PCI bus; there should be no reason why you cannot fill every PCI slot (except any PCI66 slots) with PGX or 3rd party PCI frame buffers.

I've recently heard from Rich Pedano who has configured a system using a SparcStation 20 with six TGX+ boards. This was accomplished using an SBus expansion unit. He was even able to get 8 heads running successfully. He reported that the system worked fine with all heads configured at 1152x900, but not at 1280x1024. The system used XbigX to manage the screen as a single unit."



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