MOUT - Paint Ball - The Good Old Days (was RE: [rescue] SparcCent er 2000E on Ebay )

Brian Dunbar Brian.Dunbar at
Wed Jun 25 22:07:21 CDT 2003

N. Miller [mailto:vraptor at] said on Wednesday, June 25, 2003
3:57 PM

>That's interesting, since it's fairly well known among paintball field
>owners that many LEAs give preference in hiring to people who have
>paintball experience.  And in fact, the urban tactics programs of the
>military are now switching to paintball equipment, because in the past,
>they used blanks and it was too easy to "cheat".  The people who
>developed the special barrel (rifling that works for paintballs,
>finally) for pepper-filled paintballs for LEA are doing some of the
>fulfillment for the urban tactics programs.

When I was learning how to be a grunt (ITS, Camp Pendelton, 1986) we had
MILES gear - laser tag devices that sat on the end of your barrel.  You wore
a vest that made a gawd-awfull shreik when hit by the laser beam.  THAT
introduced reality in a big hurry, and you got to use your issue weapon.
Things change, I guess, but using paint-ball guns to teach MOUT sounds odd.


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