[rescue] Apple WWDC Summary

N. Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Wed Jun 25 18:23:04 CDT 2003

--On Tuesday, June 24, 2003 8:31 AM -0700 flinters <flinters at picarefy.com> 

> I expect Macs to be intriguing, organic, fluid shapes that spark
> creativity and your artistic side.  All Mac products have been different
> from all the others in this manner and have set them apart nicely.
> The specs on the G5 are wonderful.
> The case is..... well, as one person put it, "Sterile."
> Another phrase that caught my eye:  The all new Apple G5- Guts by Apple,
> Case by IKEA.  It is just missing a little fake wood trim.

Good call.  I like the cheese grater, but want something less
geometrically boring.

I mean, this looks like it could be one of those baskets that
the sell at IKEA for putting your CDs in.

The inside is very well designed though.

> If Apple keeps this train of design up, they might even come up with a
> revolutionary BEIGE color for their metal computer boxes.  :)

At least it will be easy to case mod, unlike the desktops since
the beige.


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