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>> --On Saturday, June 21, 2003 10:32 AM -0700 Lionel Peterson
>> I would have to agree--albeit on little experience.  I spent just
>> over a week in NJ, and I liked the fact that Philly was about an
>> hour away, but the area we were in was more like a small town
>> area than a "suburb".
> I'd be curious if you remember the town - I live about an hour from
> Philadelphia, and hour from NYC, an hour from the shore and an hour
> from the shore (Spring Lake ;^).

It was around Sewell, NJ, where National Paintball Supply is located,
across the street from one of the small paintball fields NPS also

One thing I absolutely hate about California is that the municipal
and county governments are too chicken-shit to pass regulations to
limit high density development.  "Land values are too high."  What
they don't understand is if they did this, land values in those
areas would go even higher and give them better tax revenues and
increase quality of life.

The thing that I liked about the part of NJ that we were in was the
mix of high and low density usage, as well as completely undeveloped
land, all mixed together.  It was easy on the eyes.


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