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N. Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Wed Jun 25 15:57:05 CDT 2003

--On Saturday, June 21, 2003 6:23 PM -0400 Al Potter 
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> vraptor at promessage.com said:
>> I was taking a paintball class.
> Be careful....
> If you didn't get your "paintball education" (basic infantry squad level
> tactics) courtesy of Uncle Sugar and the dennizens of Planet Four, you
> are  liable to get a visit from the Fedz calling you on the carpet for
> being a  terrorist.

It was not a paintball tactics class, it was a class on running
paintball fields/stores, referreeing, and airsmithing (hazmat +
fixing markers).  I don't need anyone to teach me basic infantry
squad level tactics, having played paintball for 5 years, and I
have the squad leader's handbook as above, should I need to talk
the talk. ;-)

The only "class" that I know of (at least, that is advertised nationally)
is a paintball summer camp for kids where they teach them woods survival
skills, paintball safety, and paintball tactics.  Although I think running
paintball "classes" at a field would be good to help out newbies.

> I am NOT kidding; it was on the tube (don't remember if it was national
> news  ot DC area local station) in the past 2-3 days.

That's interesting, since it's fairly well known among paintball field
owners that many LEAs give preference in hiring to people who have
paintball experience.  And in fact, the urban tactics programs of the
military are now switching to paintball equipment, because in the past,
they used blanks and it was too easy to "cheat".  The people who
developed the special barrel (rifling that works for paintballs,
finally) for pepper-filled paintballs for LEA are doing some of the
fulfillment for the urban tactics programs.

(PB fields often have "police fund-raiser day" to benefit K9 units, etc.
The cops always think they will kick butt, and usually get shown up
unless they have guys that play paintball.)

The FLEAs are stupid.  Most any good paintball team I know (or even a
rough gaggle of kids who play paintball regularly) can probably take just
about any group of FLEAs.  The FLEAs don't spend enough time working
together to know how to handle a situation in which their opponents
actually work together as a team.  Fortunately for them, most criminal
groups are not really interested in teamwork, either.

I wonder what will be said of the firearm schools that teach COB, sniping,
etc?  Considering that some of the folks that run these type of schools
are ex-military, or consultants to all sorts of FLEAs and other FAs, I can't
see them getting too serious about it.

Or perhaps this is just another case of a paintball field owner doing
something completely stupid?  The #1 problem that paintball folks have to
overcome is other people in our sport being idiots. :-/


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