Info pages (was Re: [rescue] Re: G5 case)

Mike Johnson mike at
Wed Jun 25 15:43:22 CDT 2003

Phil Stracchino [alaric at] wrote:
> Being able to use something other than the godawful gnu info browser
> might actually make info useful.  Trying to use info invariably ends up
> with me three levels deep in some submenu that claims to be helping me,
> and unable to figure out how I got there or how to get back out.

Check out pinfo.  It's included in a lot of Linux distros, and makes
info pages almost [0] tolerable.  Basically, it's a lynx-ish interface
to info pages.  I'd point you at a link, but it looks like the official 
pinfo site is in the process of moving.


[0] I still hate info pages.
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