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Time for some subject changes, folks...

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> Subject: Re: [rescue] Re: G5 case
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> On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 11:19:22AM -0400, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
> > I wish there were a project on the net for X-only applications.  So many
> > X projects have died due to the move to KDE and Gnome.
> >
> > I hate to say this, but I'd rather seem Motif than either. It had a lot
> > of thorns, but at least it could have been ONE projec to back instead of
> > two redundant ones in a feature-war.
> Amen, brother.
> And have you ever tried to *update* Gnome?  On a pleasure level, I'd

Yes, I have.  I've maintained a couple of GNOME binary distributions
too.  I'm quite familiar with the pain involved.

> rate it somewhere between pulling fingernails and having your intestines
> removed through your left ear.  The cross-dependencies in the tree are
> hideous, and mostly undocumented.

They are not by any means undocumented, and haven't been any time in the
past year and a half or so.  There is a simple list at
which will tell you how to put things together if you want to build the
whole shebang.
At you can find some
XML files, along with a DTD, which contain a list of the modules for
various GNOME releases, and their dependency information.  It'd be easy
enough to parse that out into a tree, and it is kept up to date.  The
scripts up one directory from there assume that you're building from
Last but not least, there is GARNOME.  It's pretty much a 'ports' style
distribution of GNOME.  Not really useful as a list (certainly the other
two are better), but you could pull the list out of it if you were in to

> Hell, there's even circular dependencies in there.

Uhm...  Where?

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