[rescue] Re: G5 case

Kurt Huhn kurt at k-huhn.com
Wed Jun 25 07:29:55 CDT 2003

Gavin Hubbard <ghub005 at xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> Are you aware that the Open Group is currently suing Apple for falsely
> advertising OS X as a Unix operating system?
> http://news.com.com/2100-1016-1015814.html

I can see both sides of that argument, but I think that filing a lawsuit is
excessive.  I, for one, don't agree in being able to hold a trademark on a
name without the production of (or ability to produce) a related product.  

Either way, it's a rather unimportant legal battle that's sure to be blown
out of proportion.

As a side-note, did anyone see that SCO is trading at nearly $10/share? 
Talk about disgusting....

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