[rescue] Now Boats was Cray on ebay

James james at jdfogg.com
Wed Jun 25 06:40:35 CDT 2003

> Stock 454's.  They have silencers, those Mercruiser water exhaust,
> maniford, plumber's nighmare systems.  This is a 42' cruiser.  With both
> 454's firewalled, it moves at 19-20 knots max.  I think it's rated in
> gallons per mile.  It costs almost $800 to fill it up from dry tanks.
> It's fun to drive, just don't get in a hurry.
> >Stock 454? Straight-out without silencers?
> >
> >/Bjorn
> >

This boat so cries out for dual turbodiesels. The V8 gas crowd mostly like
to hear their exhaust, otherwise there is no benefit to running gas at these
horsepowers (all-out speedboats are the exception, they need the fast
throttle response and light weight).

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