[rescue] Apple WWDC Summary

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Tue Jun 24 18:50:16 CDT 2003

On Tuesday, June 24, 2003, at 05:16  PM, Nathaniel Grady wrote:


> Just my excessively drawn-out thoughts for the day. Am I totally nuts?
> --Nate

Not totally

Here's my dream scenario... whether or not SCO wins against IBM, IBM 
could make an OS hybrid with Apple for their POWER machines that 
combines the best parts (that are left that SCO has no claim to if they 
lose [unlikely]) of AIX and combine it with OS X Server... you could 
have an upgrade for the old ANS's.... high high end Apple compatible 
servers...etc. that you just mentioned... and neither OS would die by 
itself... and BSD is mostly immune to the SCO crap.


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