[rescue] Re: G5 case

C. Magnus Hedemark chris at yonderway.com
Tue Jun 24 18:26:58 CDT 2003

On Tuesday, June 24, 2003, at 07:16 PM, Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:

> It kicks the shit out of Linux and OpenBSD in terms of just
> general usability and stability.

I take issue with the stability part.

Everywhere else I agree.

But maybe its because I am on a portable, I use it 12 hours or more per 
day, and I use it in several different network environments without 
shutting down and doing nothing more than putting it to sleep.

> Truth be told, I'd probably use my Mac less if it were a desktop, but
> having a Unix-alike on the road with me is lovely in a way that Linux
> on my previous laptop never was.

That's the hook for me.

But I find myself using my Powerbook at home a lot now.  I took the 
keyboard/monitor/mouse off the sun and stuck it in the pile with the 
other headless boxen.  With a couple of well placed wireless access 
points, I roam around the house and use it wherever I choose to.  I use 
it at the office to maintain my Sun & Linux farm.  I use it at home to 
maintain my Sun & Linux & BSD farm. :)  For a UNIX sysadmin, this thing 
is a godsend.


C. Magnus Hedemark
"From the Fury of the Norsemen please Deliver us, Oh Lord"

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