[rescue] Re:G5 case

James Rice jrice54 at charter.net
Tue Jun 24 15:15:33 CDT 2003

I totally agree.  My BeBox seems perfectly matched to what Be was 
hinting at becoming.  I just wish I didn't have spend so much tutoring 
Wintel lusers to use my GeekPort more.  I going to have to work late 
again scrubbing an entire office clean of 15-20 Wintel viruses because 
some doctor was a cheap-assed bastard and wouldn't renew his Norton 
update subscription.  The ass-hole was even too cheap to buy a firewall 
router so his whole office became a dropbox for warez, porn and divx 
files.  Idiot!  </soapbox>


>Look at what happened to NeXT.
>   ...and Be, and countless others.  "We have great hardware, mediocre 
>software, and a steadily growing user base...hey, let's port our 
>software to PCs!"
>   Turn the page...dead company, and great hardware gets reduced to a 
>historic curiosity, and the mediocre software gets forgotten about 
>because it isn't a VB app that runs under Windows.

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