[rescue] Apple WWDC Summary, Cube Computers

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Tue Jun 24 15:02:47 CDT 2003

> Yes, but if I recall correctly, you could put at least 2 drives in the
> Next cube.  One, of course, would be the harddrive, and you had several
> options of what I understood to be normal drives (as opposed to Apple's
> Cube that would only fit their custom made drives) to choose from.
> Also, while almost nobody used Nextbus, other than to add the ND, at
> least the option was there, and I believe that it was supposed to be
> an easy bus to develop boards for.  Did that slabs use the Nextbus?
> That might have had a lot to do with why it didn't take off, since the
> cubes were pretty low volume.

The NeXTBus was pretty much a slightly modified NuBus, most of the
modifications were the formfactor, some added speed and some master/slave
options. But other than that they were extremely close... but as usual:
close enough to be a pain in the ass for people to give 2 rats about it,
specially due to the low volume of the machine.

IMHO if you are going to seel a low volume machine, at least use some
standard bus (or just don't bother). Do not take a standard bus and add
enough imcompatibilities so that vendors can not reuse their technologies
invested in the previous iteration of the bus.

The slabs did not have nextbus (at least slot wise, I dunno if they used
an internal nextbus for any board level device).

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