[rescue] G5 case

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Tue Jun 24 11:38:13 CDT 2003

> It will be fun to see how the box performs in the real world, and if it's as
> much a "floating point monster" as it seems it should be. One of these
> tempts me to break my usual "buy one of last year's models, 'cause they're
> cheaper" mantra and go whole hog. Once I find the money, of course <grin>

Same thing here, I have not bought a new computer for over a decade. But
this is the first commodity machine I have been excited about since I do
not know when. I believe Apple has got it, the only thing I would like is
to have a bit more "configuration input" when ordering the machine. As in
"Reducing the number of features to make it cheaper" approach, since the
machine comes with way too much stuff even on the base model.

I usually do not like eye candy, but OS X so far I like, plus the whole
machine just looks neat. I love understated classy designs... I didn't
care that much for the platic-y colourful designs. This one almost looks

I am reading on the system, and it seems to be quite balanced
architecture. Regardless of what the FeeCee fanboys say -and they seem to
be on overdrive mode in almost every board on the web I have checked, jeez
one would thing they are payed missinformation agents by Intel or AMD- the
whole system seems to have bandwidth up the yahoo. Thus it must leave most
commodity machines in the dust when doing real work, of course most
neon-glass on the side- with 25 fans and colored hdd IDE cables fan boys
do not do any real work, in the same matter that most riceboys do not know
how to drive for shit....

Damn you Steve, now I have to find the money. Eating or Computing, Eating
or Computing.... hum the poor grad student dilemma.

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