[rescue] SparcCenter 2000E on Ebay

Michael Free mfree80286 at adelphia.net
Mon Jun 23 20:06:58 CDT 2003

Where's all this DEC stuff? I had a challenge in a slightly wonky Vaxstation
3100 M42 and I've been intrigued ever since, even bothered to join DECUS (or
latest equivalent).

Mike Free
itching for a road trip

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> * on [03-06-23 19:30] Linc Fessenden wrote:
> >On Mon, 23 Jun 2003, David A de Gruyl wrote:
> >> Now that is interesting.  What is an excess dec kit?
> >Decstations, Vaxes, etc..
> And I thought they were the cd packs.
> Well, I might have to bring a MV3100 which is out of service...Offer is
> open (no charge, but I probably can't be bothered to ship).
> What I really need would be memory...(MS670 or MS44-CA...if anyone has).
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