[rescue] Hackers

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Mon Jun 23 16:49:21 CDT 2003

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez  <lefa at ucsc.edu> wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Jun 2003, Peter Corlett wrote:
>> I'd have thought an x86 would have been more appropriate, just so it
>> couldn't cause anybody any harm in that state ;)
> I don't get the joke...

I think there was a thread recently about x86 kit being the spawn of the
devil or something. You might have missed it, it was quite small.

(My position is that I don't really care what people use as long as it
doesn't interfere with what I'm doing.)

> You people need to get out more often, really... so picky with details
> jeezzzzzz. :)

I do get out more. My other hobby is Real Ale.


> Sometimes is good to just turn off the brain and simply enjoy the
> entertainment.

I usually do, although it can be fun to pick fun of the movie, or find
anachronisms if the company I'm with is in a suitably silly mood and wants
to do so too.

However, for turning my brain off, I've got loads of non-hacker and rather
more credible (at least to my eyes) films that I enjoy even more.

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