[rescue] SparcCenter 2000E on Ebay

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"Here" in the United States or "Here" as in Israel where the original poster
is located (IIRC)?

Mike Free

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> > The bad news is that our apartment is wired for 25 amps at 230 volt.
> > Since it is rented we are stuck with it. If we owned it, we could
> > to 40 amps for about $1000, and max out at 3 phases of 40 amps for about
> > $2500. We would need permission of the electric company and have to pass
> > electrical inspection all over again. My guess is that would cost
> > $1000 to bring the rest of the wiring up to modern specs.
> Eh?
> 60A, single phase (240V) here as standard.
> 3p here is generally 63A per phase, as standard.
> There is pretty much nothing lower than 60A per phase here.
> The guy from the electricity board comes out, checks that your consumer
> unit is rated at the current, and whaps in a new fuse, given most wiring
> is rated to about 100A continuous anyway.
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