[rescue] Rescued IPC -> SS5-85 critter

Robert Novak rnovak at indyramp.com
Mon Jun 23 13:47:58 CDT 2003

I picked up a pair of IPCs this weekend, one of which has been upgraded to
a MicroSPARC II 85mhz cpu (I'm guessing Cycle 5-IP board). Alas, it seems
to have AUI ethernet and mini-DIN serial.

Anyone know offhand if the db25 that is in the "frame buffer" space on the
back is parallel, or serial? I don't think they'd have been generous
enough to do mini-DIN and db serial, but I do think the guy included a
suitable mini-DIN to null modem cable (if I can remember where I stuffed
it in the car).

Also, looks like it can take 224MB with 8x4MB 30pin and 6x32MB 72pin, all
true parity? Any noteworthy performance issues with mixing them?


Robert Novak - rnovak at indyramp.com

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