[rescue] SparcCenter 2000E on Ebay

Steve Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Mon Jun 23 12:34:48 CDT 2003

Phil Stracchino wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 23, 2003 at 06:07:54AM -0400, Steve Sandau wrote:
>>I just "did the math" on our last power bill here in Maine. Including 
>>the "delivery charge" we paid over 10c/kwh... Ahhh!
> Think of it this way:  By 2002 California standards, you're getting a
> HUGE bargain.
> (Don't know what CA power costs are like this year.  Before we escaped,
>  we were paying as high as 25c/kWh, thanks to Enron and Governor Davis.)

Damn. That *had* to hurt, especially for those with both computer 
equipment and cooling apparatus for them...

Man; that would make my bill (for a 3-bedroom house with three people 
almost $300 a month! About 10 desktop machines running, no A/C, no 
electric HW, but electric stove, washer and dryer... Heat in the winter 
(pretty cold here) is oil, too...


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