[rescue] Blank screen

Arvid Ericsson Arvid.Ericsson at liberal.se
Mon Jun 23 05:17:27 CDT 2003

The screen on my Ultra 1 (tgx-graphics) sorta died yesterday. It worked
perfectly a couple of days ago.

The machine boots fine, I can hear all the familiar hdd-sound all the way
to the x-login. I can also do abort-a and power-off.

The scren also goes on as usual when I hit the power button. It does the
regular "buzzing" and then... instead of displaying something, it goes
into the "wait-state" it uses to be in when the monitor is on and the
computer is off. 

Nothing is changed inside the computer since it worked the last time. I
did lift the monitor up from the floor, onto a table, but the lift was
perfectly smooth (for the monitor that is, my back might have another
opinion =).

I've yet to try another monitor on the computer or another machine on the
monitor. I'm looking for some clues to what might have happened.

Ultra 1 170, standard everyting
20" original Sun monitor.

OBP 3.11.1 
Solaris 8 - standard everything.


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