Fast food (was [rescue] SparcCenter 2000E on Ebay)

Michael Still michaelstill at
Sun Jun 22 22:02:37 CDT 2003

>  I find the burgers at Chick-fil-a to taste a lot like
>  air.  :-)
Then perhaps you haven't been to a Dwarf House?  They are basically a
Chick-fil-A with wait service and a few other items that might take
longer than a traditional "fast" food type place would offer.  They 
a Giant burger with 2 beef patties and an option to put bacon on it.
Mighty tasty.  They also have a Dwarf Burger with only one patty.

On topic: Did anybody get that Cray? A shell on that would be sweet.

Michael Still (MichaelStill at

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